Over 20 years of regulated operational experience managing institutional assets
Built on proprietary research and disciplined risk management principles

About Us

  • Altis is a multi-award-winning Investment Manager which uses proprietary research to systematically manage futures portfolios.
  • Our experienced and professional team is built on passion, exceptional talent, a strong commitment to scientific inquiry and client service.
  • Our research-driven systematic approach to investment is designed to be scalable, secure, consistent, and reactive to changing market conditions.
  • Altis is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission, a member of the National Futures Association and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.


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Altis Partners founded

Global Futures Portfolio launched

GAIM award: Top Performing CTA

Relocation to Jersey, Channel Islands

Voted 6th in Barron's Top 100 Hedge Funds

Assets peak at $1.6bn peak AUM

PureTrend launched

Major re-factoring of Global Futures Portfolio as multi-strategy systematic macro

Winner: HFM European Hedge Fund Performance Awards, CTA under $1bn

Charles McGarraugh joined Altis as CIO

Altis Enhanced Macro launched

Altis Enhanced Macro

  • A fully systematic global macro futures strategy that dynamically allocates both long and short exposures across futures markets such as bonds, short interest rates, and commodities in an attempt to consistently capitalise on new trading opportunities as they arise.
  • The approach is simple in concept: read the markets, update our predicted returns for each asset in our investable universe, and carefully rebalance the portfolio in an attempt to optimise the ongoing trade-off between risk and expected returns.
  • Our prediction indicators are based on persistent and well researched sources of expected alpha: trend, yield, and cross-asset valuation.
  • When taken together and coupled with a sophisticated optimisation and risk management framework, we believe a persistent edge is possible – an edge that is particularly well suited to the current market environment. An edge that should deliver a stream of uncorrelated returns driven by flux and uncertainty as markets adjust to new macro realities.
  • The program focuses on only the most liquid futures markets, thereby accessing the benefits of an active trading approach while keeping transaction costs to a minimum, even at large scale.
  • In an environment where the traditional 60/40 allocation model appears to be changing, Altis Enhanced Macro offers investors an alterative strategy to diversify their portfolios.

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"Our mission, which will never change, is quite simply to be the best investors, traders, and students of the market that we can possibly be." Charlie McGarraugh, Chief Investment Officer

Our Team

Stephen Hedgecock Stephen Hedgecock Principal & CEO
Alex Brunwin Alex Brunwin Principal and CTO
Charles McGarraugh Charles McGarraugh Principal & CIO
Joel Gibbons Deputy CIO
Simon Harman Director of Operations & Governance
Kenny Mulligan Director of Compliance & Risk
Emma McCue Head of Investor Relations
Mark Tyler Director of Trading
Sharon Baxter Executive Personal Assistant
Vertix IT Consultancy Technology

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